News and Events

July 2017

Both Gareth and Dale spoke at the FASEB Conference on Protein Lipidation. There was good lab representation at this very enjoyable conference, which Shaun also attended.


June 2017

Congratulations, Jingwen, who was an invited speaker at the Gordon Conference on ‘Neurotrophic Factors’ and by all accounts did a great job!


February 2017

Congratulations Shaun, who was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Brody Family Medical Trust. You can read the official announcement of Shaun’s award here. The lab went out to celebrate at Sate Kampar (Malaysian restaurant in South Philly – highly recommended!).


December 2016

Congratulations to Sabrina whose review on axonal palmitoylation was just accepted for publication in the Journal of Neuroscience Research. You can read Sabrina’s review here. An image of Sabrina’s microfluidic neuronal cultures was also selected for the front cover of the journal.

November 2016

Dale Martin joins the lab as a senior Postdoctoral Fellow following graduate studies with Luc Berthiamue and initial postodoctoral work with Michael Hayden. Welcome, Dale!

September 2016

Congratulations, Sabrina, who was awarded the Poster Prize at Temple’s Translational Science Day for a second time! Great job, Sabrina!


The lab was awarded a Developmental Grant from Shriners Hospitals to use novel screening methods to identify a new class of neuroprotective compounds. This is our first foray into translational research and would not have been possible without great collaborators at Temple’s Moulder Center for Drug Discovery and the Fox Chase Cancer Center.


A busy month – Shaun Sanders joins the lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow following very successful graduate research with Michael Hayden, a world leader in the field of Huntington Disease.

May 2016

Congratulations, Audrey, whose review on palmitoylation-dependent regulation or protein kinase signaling was just published. You can read her review here.


February 2016

Jingwen Niu joins the lab after initial postdoctoral work at UPenn. Welcome, Jingwen!


December 2015

Congratulations, Sabrina, whose work on DLK palmitoylation in nerve injury signaling was just accepted for publication in PNAS. You can read the final version of Sabrina’s paper here.

Francesca DeSimone joins the lab after very successful Ph.D. studies here at Temple University School of Medicine and at the University of Salerno, Italy. Welcome, Francesca!

September 2015

Following recent grant awards (and as an appreciation of the hard work that led to them) the Lab took a celebratory trip to US Open tennis.20150911_122756


May 2015

Congratulations, Dr. Collura! Kaitlin gave a great seminar as part of her thesis defense, and the lab celebrated in style with her family. We’ll miss you, Kaitlin, but wish you the best of luck as you return to Medical School.

Kaitlin thesis defense


April 2015

Congratulations, Joju, whose work on the regulation of dendritic spines by palmitoylated LIMK1 was just published in eLife.


September 2014

Gareth, Sabrina and Kaitlin traveled to Cold Spring Harbor for the conference on “Axon Guidance, Synapse Formation and Regeneration”.  Sabrina was an invited speaker and Kaitlin received a Travel Award from Temple Medical School to attend the meeting.









June 2014

Congratulations, Kaitlin, who was awarded a Prize for her poster at Temple’s annual Dawn Marks Research Day.



January 2014

Our collaborative work with Isabelle Maystadt on RSK2 and Coffin-Lowry Syndrome was just published.


November 2013

Gareth’s article about the evolution of palmitoylation-dependent regulation, co-written with Takashi Hayashi, was just published in Bioessays, accompanied by a Highlights article. 


February 2013

Gareth’s review on palmitoylation-dependent regulation of glutamate receptors, co-written with Rick Huganir, was just published.


September 2012

Congratulations to Sabrina, who was awarded the Postdoctoral Prize for her work at Temple’s First Annual Biomedical Research Day Symposium, and to Santi, who won first prize for his talk as part of Temple’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program.IMAG0223